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Just as the title suggests ....
Ok i think i need to explain here. See i have taken up a summer drawing class this year and it ends this Wednesday and as you can imagine i have drawn an uber amount of artwork (probs over 80 or so) into the cruel and unforgiving world xD. Actually i have to do 10 more master copies by then T.T.( as you can imagine im kind of sick of art right now)
Now i would like to post some up here for the world to see my "improvement" through the skill of art (does that even make sense??!?!?!).
ANYWAYS expect plenty of post from me after Wednesday or so :3
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OMG, its finally here. IM LEAVING FOR TANZANIA -screams mother effin face off-
I can even fathom it, i think my brain is refusing to except it XD
But yes, Im going to Tanzania as a class for school. Ill be spending 3 weeks over there in the northern part doing numerous amount of things such as visiting 5 national parks, visiting schools, villages, and doing a service project. Ill be leaving for St. Paul at 1 today and my flight for Washington is at 5:30. We will get there and spend the night and tomorrow we will get on our plane and head toward Africa. :D:D:D:D:D   a 10 hour flight or something... i dont remember but it was very long....
Ill miss you all and wish me a safe trip.
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-sigh- its that time of the year again......

When im done on Thursday i have great news that im super excited to share :la:


Ok Finals are finally done   TT u TT
So the good news that i have is that in 2 weeks ill  be going to Tanzania, Africa :D
Im so pump for that i want to start packing now! Its a 3 week school study trip and i wont be able to bring my laptop...... sooo yea XD
Ill take trillions of picture to show you all when i get back.
Um thats it.....

Edit edit:


Speech: A (just barley)
Weight lifting: A (easiest class every)
Biology: A (didn't have to take the final :D, i love that teacher now)
Precalculus: A
Chemistry: A (final was accumulative from this semester and last semester, but i did better than expected)

GPA for at the end of my first year of college... 4.00
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Im still in awe at how ive only been back to school for a week and it feels like 3. Honestly its been a stressful week, and it's going to be a very busy weekend. I have to write a speech, make a powerpoint and meet up with my other group members to practice. I also have another presentation to prepare for for chemistry (although it isn't AS big of a deal). And i also want to study and do homework.....

;A: im tired already. So i guess i should get started..... TT.TT
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YAY spring break---wait what... SNOW!?!? What is this, i don't even..... ARGH

Be safe this spring break everyone :D
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Ok so if you read my previous journal (which is no one cuz who read My journals XD) today is the day with so much stuff going on. So far i just completed my speech, my mouth became dry during half of it so it became hard to speak. I didn't do AS well as i would have hoped but hey it was my first one. I now have 2 hours to kill before my Chemistry test and then two hours after that until my Biology test. Its a good thing that im doing something fun later today to end on a good note. :sigh:
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Sooo, what is it like... my 3rd week into the 'spring' semester. I think im back into the college academic routine. Of course things are a little different with slightly different classes (SPEECH CLASS :[) I have my first speech next Wednesday... along with a biology test AND a chemistry test. Not to mention a math test later in the week. What a swell time im going to have. Wish me LUCK! Do chants for me, voodoo if you have to; heck some witchcraft XD
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For those of you that care :D
... and i almost put schol in the title.... college education for yah xD
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Seriously, why cant it be spring?!?1

OHH and i completed my very first video game :la: im so proud of myself. Although, Okami isn't really a hard game to begin with  = 3=. I just find with most other games im to scared to pass level one or i just run around like 'I DON'T WANT TO DIE!' or 'WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?!?! n@.' Seriously, i bought this game a long time ago called Ecco (about dolphins) and im such a chicken because i didn't want to fight sharks on level two and have the cute dolphin im playing die TTnTT so i just stayed on level one with no fighting and swam around like a dork performing tricks and jumping out of the water going 'YYEEEAAA! IM SO CUUUUUL!!' 8D 8D 8D (very productive = 3= ) Compared to my sister who plays games with the most blood and guts that she can find. *le sigh*
Speaking of games... there is this one game that scares the living crap out of me. Its called 'Amnesia: The dark decent.' Im watching this British girl play it and im wondering why i am watching this, it's scary XD.… this game is some tense shit. Pardon my language.
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I know it's early to start actually doing your new years revolution but i started mine already. Ok what i want to do for next year is to.... you ready... is to learn how to juggle.
I know i know, there are so many more interesting and more progressive revolutions out there but i figured i would start simple since most of the usual choices (loosing weight, eating healthier, study more, etc) i just don't accomplish anyway. So i thought that if i could learn how to juggle then i would help me through with accomplishing my other goals. So basically setting my brain to thinking 'hey if i can do this i can those other stuff'
I have actually started already yesterday and i have made a lot of progress so im just going to be doing this for a while... yea... :D

And have a wonderful Christmas all of you, travel safe and dont let Santa rape you :>
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AH, finals: check.
Did well: check.
Find a job:  .... D: dang it!

And it doesn't help that its snowing so hard outside that i cant see the bluff across the valley from me :B
Aww well at least its trippin'ly pretty -stares-

It will kill you with its Awesome!
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lol not really, but still.... finals T.T
Although my schedule isn't that bad. i have one on monday, two on tuesday and then one on thursday... and to tell the truth im only worried about 3 out of the 4. ....FINALS!! Xo
And just in time for finals week, we are suppose to get around 7 inches of snow tomorrow/saturday...YAA~Y!!?  AND WHY DOES IT HAVE TO GET DARK AT 3 pm now a days... its depressing T.T
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Wow i just look at my last journal entry and it claims to have been posted a month ago. A WHOLE MONTH!! GEEZ when i think about it, it feels like i wrote it only 2 weeks ago. Im just blown away by how fast October went. wow -shakes head- its like OH HEY October nice to see you again, its pretty cold outside today huh? -turns away for a sec- WHOA, November all up in my face!!

Anyways im fine, hope you are too.... umm.. yea


BTW on my mood the green smile is November V
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Lets see.... its been 6 weeks since school has started. Wow, how time goes by in college. But ive made so many wonderful friends that they've helped make the times fly. I'm sorry that i haven't posted anything on here for like... 4 months or something. I just haven't had time nor the drive to do anything. I'm thinking of picking up some water color paper and paint to give me something to do, plus my college bookstore sells some art supplies. :3 I guess im settled into college life now. Ive had a couple test so far, im not doing bad... wish i was doing better (but im always like that). Well i hope i can post something soon so im not total watcher list wasted space for those who are watching me XD. Im sorry im so terrible :<
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So im sitting in the library. Im hungry. Im tired. And its only been my second day in college. Given that i forgot my ID card and my money at home i haven't been able to eat today since breakfast. And boy i will never forget my money again, or at least bring a snack or something for heaven sake. I would go home and eat but cruelty has decided to give me another class that ends at 6:30. My stomach is going to be screaming at me.
This is the point in time where i wish i had a dorm on campus. That way i wont if i was to forget anything, it would only be a short walk from here. But no my house it 30 minutes away sooo.. Blah!
Otherwise all my classes seem cool. I like my math and bio. teacher so far and i still have two to meet. HAZA!!
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Hey guys im back! ...most of you probably didn't even know i was gone SOOO ill bring you up to date. I was on vacation in northern Wisconsin for the week. We stayed at this little cabin next to a lake and had a wonderful time. I got to tear up the water on a jet ski (SO MUCH FUN!!! BUT IM SO SORE!!) and kayak and saw my first 3D movie, Despicable me. i have to say the 3D is a lot different then i thought it would be, and the movie was good and cute and all. Um, went shopping.... sat around.... ATE FUDGE OMG SO GOOD!!.. um..... . ... ... .. . . . made a turtle out of sand, it turned out really good considering its sand but unfortunately i didn't take a pic before it rained. Probably gained weight too.... OH and you know what the best part is?!?!? I had my laptop off and shut down aaaalll week and when i turn it on today it apparently got a virus... but i think is one of those that say my computer has one but its actually a virus protecting system that just want me to buy their stuff...grrr
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Got this from *Darkana-D whom got it from other people X3

1: The show Survivor had the original premise of putting people on an island with Emo Gangsters. There were no survivors, and nobody is brave enough to go to the island to retrieve the footage.

2: The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Emo Gangsters have been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears.

3: An Emo Gangster was originally offered the role as Frodo in Lord of the Rings. It declined because, "Only a pussy would need three movies to destroy a piece of jewelery."

4: Emo Gangsters never retreats, it just attacks in the opposite direction.

5: If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? Yes. Emo Gangsters hear it. Emo Gangsters can hear everything. Emo Gangsters can hear the shrieking terror in your soul.

6: Emo Gangsters can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.

7: A Emo Gangster's sweat has burned holes in concrete.

8: The First rule of Emo Gangsters is: you do not talk about Emo Gangsters.

9: Emo Gangsters don't have a bank account. they just tells the bank how much it needs.

10: He, who laughs last, laughs best. He who laughs at Emo Gangsters � dies.

Hahahah Emo Gangsters shall rule the world!!
What is an Emo Gangster you ask?? If i told you, you would only live 2 days after hearing that kind of information.… =D
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Holy crap i am soooo excited! Couple of days ago i got my new laptop from the college ill be attending and its like a wonderful crazy awesome dream. I mean this thing is like 100x better than that piece of junk i used to have! Oh man i cant stop loving this thing. Internet runs like smooth quick butter (i dont get it either) and i have yet to discover all its wonderful details and features.
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ok my tablet is super restarted, i mean seriously. My computer wont even recognize the thing anymore even though ive reinstalled it like 4 times already. i seriously am going to buy a newer, better tablet... that would be nice =.=
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My dad has to be the most selfish inconsiderate bastard in the world right now. He gave me the most terrible news that i could ever hear in my entire life right now. He came up to me today and told me out front "Ive scheduled for Friday to take Simba (my cat) to the vet to be put down." Apparently my cat has been peeing out of the box again and my dad never really like him in the first place and hes sick of his basement smelling. My cats old, hes 16, and i understand that he probably wont stop peeing out of the box, but ive had him ever since i was 2 and you just dont tell someone that you are going put their best friend to death, at least not like that. Another thing that makes this worse is that friday is the day that i graduate, I mean of ALL the days to plan something like that it has to be that particular day. But what i dont like the most is that Simba hates the vet, everything and anything about it. i know he wont be happy being there, he'll be scared, angry and uncomfortable... I DONT WANT HIM TO DIE LIKE THAT!! The least we could do was give him the shot at home... they allow that right? I JUST BEG PLEAAASSEEE PLAAASEEE DONT LET HIM DIE UNHAPPY AND UNCOMFORTABLE. I dont want him going out of this world like that, not like that....
i apologize if this news ruins your day, but.....
i should stop before i flood my computer with my tears...

EDIT: Does anyone know if vets allow people give the shot themselves at home,  i mean im sure they do but.... an answers would be most appreciated.
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